Hello lovelies, I have pondered this question a lot and most new moms do the same. Before I got pregnant with my first child; I used to say I would definitely put my little bundle of Joy in his room from the first day but my story changed when I got pregnant as I couldn’t imagine not sleeping with my child in the same room, so I changed the script and decided my child would stay in my room but in her crib for sure.

I planned to get the crib before the baby came but when I went baby shopping, I realised baby things are more expensive than I thought. so I kept postponing as I had a priority list. so when my little bundle of joy gave me the first sign early that morning; I didn’t have the chance to get her the crib like I planned, oh! wait, it still wasn’t my priority, so I was thinking when she’s here, we will get the cot. So we got a little bassinet instead to fit our budget. we just put it right on our bed.

She outgrew the Moses basket in 6 weeks and wasn’t comfortable in it anymore, so I just let her sleep on our bed for a while till we got her crib. let’s just say when I finally got the crib at 8 weeks, Mama was so used to mummy’s warmth and would give a piercing cry if you put her in her cot.

The cot became a piece of decoration, thank God it came with a drawer, LOL.

So the question is; Is co- sleeping the best? Here are some of the pros and cons


It creates a kind of bonding as you and your child would share warmth and also it makes midnight feeds easier, you can breastfeed and sleep at the same time. (mind you, you could choke your child with your breast if you cover your child nose with your breast)


The family bed or co-sleeping tends to interfere with private time and intimate life of parents. When your baby is in the same room or in the same bed, the possibility of spontaneous lovemaking goes out the window

Remember, the longer you take to place the child in her/his own crib, the more difficult it will be for the child to solitary sleeping. solitary sleeping also teach the child independence quite early.

The best time to buy  your kid’s crib is before they arrive, so they can get used to it from the beginning of their life.


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