Safari Nursery

Inside Billionaire’s Daughter Safari themed Nursery

We were delighted when we got contacted by this extraordinary woman, and the brief was simple – make a befitting room for my new born daughter. The room is one of the biggest room we’ve got to design for a Nursery design, so we’ve got to do something really worth it, that will create a sense of space and also activities. We both decided to go with a Safari design. We made sure to add a touch of pure wooden pieces in the design…


We had a brief, “I want a gorgeous room for my girls” and thats what we did. we created a unique pallette of Gold and white with a dash of pink. the idea was to create the illusion of a wide space. Trust Lagos Landlords to build skini spaces and call it room. but we did an amazing job of knocking the spce out the pack. The furniture we also got tiny tables made with pine wood and white board, and a bookshelve for…

Inside Funke Akindele – Bello’s Twin Nursery

Funke Akindele – Bello contacted us by proxy to design a nice nursery for her twin boys, she gave us colors to work with which is blue and cream, we added some more spice and put in some¬† green to compliment the look. she was please by the time we were done with the space. We had 2 statement walls, blue clouds on the left and a wall painting of a tree on the right with a white wall as the canvass. We created…

How to make Plush Flowers on a Budget

I went to the local market to buy a flower to decorate my kids room. What I got wasn’t as sleek as I wanted it to be, so I embarked on a little task to transform the flower to what I am proud of. Watch the video of how I did it below.. And don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and contact us for your interior design and furniture needs.    

Birthday Surprise! We transformed a Room for a 10 Year old on Her Birthday

One of our most consistent client wanted to surprise her daughter on her 10th year old birthday. She contacted us to change the design of a room from what it was to something special within 7 hours. This project is a very special one to us, and it is a priviledge to share part of the process with you.. Please watch the video below, comment and subscribe to our youtube channel, we have alot of amazing contents lined up.  


  Hello lovelies,   Welcome to our blog. As the leading Kids interior firm in Nigeria, we will be giving you some tips on how to style your adult room to accommodate your new born. This course is called Nursery101 PAINT YOUR ROOM A LIGHT COLOR: First things first in any interior design is the walls, if you have darks colors, the first thing you do is paint the room light colors. For instance, you will be bringing in new furniture into the room,…

BabyE Luxury Nursery KIDS DECORATION

Hello Beautiful people As the Leading Kids interior design Firm in Nigeria We just concluded the room design of one of our Luxury collections & we are excited about how all the pieces came together to give this interior masterpiece. We started this project with the creation of furniture, which includes, the chest of drawers/dressers, carved uphostery cot with crown, standard luxury wardrobes, and baby rocker with stool. . We also finished the wall paintings with glitters, and installed curtains. Paper florals from @craftectshub…


A very bad quack might jinx zippy fowls. Few quips galvanized the mock jury box