We had a brief, “I want a gorgeous room for my girls” and thats what we did. we created a unique pallette of Gold and white with a dash of pink. the idea was to create the illusion of a wide space. Trust Lagos Landlords to build skini spaces and call it room. but we did an amazing job of knocking the spce out the pack.

The furniture

we also got tiny tables made with pine wood and white board, and a bookshelve for holding their books.

Mini-Me Nigeria make our own kids furniture and we are expert in that ield, the most amazing bunkbed ever and a matching nametag wardrobe with ombre effect.

The nametag wardrobe

The beddings , throwpillows and stuffies we use for the decoration knocked it out the park.

check out our flower wall designed with string lights.

Please check out the finished look on our youtube page ; Minime lifestyle. or follow us for your kids interior design needs on instargram @minime_ng. we are the no 1, kids decoration company in Nigeria and we never disappoint our clients.

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